Why Bees?

We have a soft spot for bees! At La Bee Boutique we are always buzzing with the promise of
adventure and excitement and, of course, working away like busy bees to bring you the very
best of our creative selves.
Many before us have felt the allure of bees. They were meaningful in the mythologies of the
Egyptians and ancient Greeks, as well as in the Catholic church. Even Napoleon Bonaparte
chose the bee as the emblem of his empire.
Through the centuries, bees have symbolised wisdom, hard work and community, but also
resilience and zeal. Because of their honey, they’re also associated with sweetness and
benevolence. In the decorative arts, bees often indicate power, royalty and the idea of

Why Bees Matter

Bees are vital to life on our planet. We need them to maintain thriving ecosystems and
ensure food security. In fact, bees and other pollinators affect 35 % of global agricultural
land, supporting the vast majority of leading food crops worldwide. We also depend on bees
for certain medicines, fibres and biofuels, as well as for their honey and beeswax.
And yet, 40 % of bees and butterflies are facing extinction. And human impact is to blame:
intensive agricultural practices, monocultures and use of pesticides, as well as the effects of
climate change (higher temperatures, droughts, floods...) all pose a terrible threat to bees.

How you can help save the Bees

As with all the great issues of our time, policy makers have a responsibility to design large
scale changes that will have global impact. But as individuals we can all help save the bees.

  • 1. Grow a bee friendly garden

    Even if you don’t have the space for a garden, you can use window boxes and flower pots to
    plant nectar-rich, native wildflowers that bees can enjoy.

  • 2. Trees are important too!

    Trees are a great food source and habitat for bees, so by joining a local tree planting
    initiative, or donating to tree planting organisations, you can give more bees more homes.

  • 3. Support local bee lovers

    A little research will go a long way. Look up bee friendly organisations and beekeepers in
    your area and ask what you can do to support their efforts.

How Are We Supporting the Bees?

We bee-lieve knowledge is power. Our mission is to raise awareness around bees: how their
global population is declining and what that means for our Planet and for ourselves.
Like information pollinators, we want to spread the word about the importance of bees and
why they are critical to our survival.