Our Mission

We bee-lieve knowledge is power. Our mission is to raise awareness around bees: how their global population is declining and what that means for our Planet and for ourselves. 

Like information pollinators, we want to spread the word about the importance of bees and why they are critical to our survival. 

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Why Bees Matter

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Our Made-In-Italy

Our #LaBeeKimonos are 100% Made in Italy. Specifically, in Gallarate, a region known for the quality of its textile industry. We collaborate with a father and daughter duo with decades of experience working with the best fabrics and brands. Their know-how and passion resonate with our own philosophy.

For the printing process, we partner with an eco-friendly company based in Lago di Como. They only use water-based inks that don't contaminate our rivers and oceans.

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Our Designs

The wildly talented Luisa Faletti is the artist behind our signature buzzing prints. Together with our founder, Luisa helped bring the whimsical world of #LaBee to life – her lovingly hand painted illustrations capture our bold, adventurous essence.

Bzzz… Each print tells a story: of a place, a memory, a desire. Discover them here!

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Our Founder

Moved by her innate curiosity, Virginia Gelardin has wandered the world: From the orange shades of the Arizona desert to the bright yellow lemon trees of Capri, colours and scents have captured Virginia’s imagination and influenced her style and palate. 

The most practical lesson she’s learned? That a versatile, easy to pack garment is an absolute travel essential, no matter where you’re going. 

Virginia has transformed her wanderlust into a timeless garment that makes travelling easy,and honours the vibrancy and stories behind the destinations that inspire her: The #LaBeeKimono

Interview: La Bee Boutique Milan Launch Event